Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Soda Can Flowers Anyone?!

Hello EveryCraftyOne!

So I was rummaging around in my Stuff and came across my pretty metal soda can flowers and just had to take a photo of them and show you.... so I did. I splashed them on Instagram (myartsandparts), Twitter (myartsandparts), Tumblr (myartsandparts) and FB, yup (myartsandparts) and I got a whole lot of you asking me to do a You Tube video (myartsandparts). LOL

I don't know about you, but I love me some happy color in the winter when it's bleak as all get out outside. I put my flowers in a button jar, look hard and you'll see the buttons! They are now sitting atop one of my vintage cabinets where I store my paints right within eyeshot... LOVE them!

So I'm sitting here thinking just how to go about it so it's not 3 hours long! I'm going to work on that this evening and I hope to start filming tomorrow. Maybe I can write up a short tut for my blog too! I'll give it my best shot. MAYBE.
Right now it's hard to type, Miss Madison, my 2 year old mini schnoodle insists I hold her. Could you resist this face?

Alrighty, off I go to set myself up for tomorrow. All part of my BIGGER plan to be more productive, reach some of my goals and make more videos!

Happy Tuesday Nite everyone!

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