Monday, May 2, 2016

What's New? And a FREE How to Make my Recycled Paper Flowers!

Hi Everybody!!!

Well, the last time I wrote was to catch up and let you know I was going to try to write more here.... Right after I left you a message I jetted off to Florida to see my sissy poo.... What FUN we had! It was just the two of us and we did art ALL WEEK! To see what we worked on you can view my You Tube video I made while I was there. (Hint: it was a Wallpaper Journal!)

Here's my sissy in her art room..... say hi Laraine!

It was VERY impromptu and I didn't edit it. However, it's not very long, maybe 10 minutes and you might enjoy seeing the journals we worked on.
Mine is made from mostly wallpaper, yup.... and I tried to work outside my comfort zone of using "GREEN"! LOL I love green!!! 

I decided to try neutrals and boy am I happy about the way it turned out! It's not finished, I'm still trying to decide what to put on the inside cover and then I will do a flip through on my You Tube channel. 

Here's the link.... for my video in Florida

So I'm super excited to tell you about two things... if my Florida trip wasn't enough!
I joined Kiala Givehands, "The Journey Within" class. It's a year long class and each month we make a new journal and Kiala has special guest teachers a few times a month to give us some art journaling lesson to stretch us and there's a month long prompt too and the best part that I totally LOVE is the monthly virtual meet up that she has. Whoever can show up there does show and tell of the journals or projects they are working on AND we get to ask LIVE questions if we need help and it is just the MOST FUN! 
Check her out, you will NOT be sorry!
The Journey Within: A Year of Handmade Art Journals

OK so the REALLY cool part is that Kiala asked me if she could feature my "Leathery Paper Making" video that I made on You Tube...  and well.... YOWSA! was I excited about that! Use this link to see that video.

So I did say two things, right? The second is that I've been wanting to share with my internet friends how I make my Recycled Paper Flowers. I just finished that video today and it's actually uploading as I type!!!! 

I'll pop the link in when it's done loading and I hope you enjoy it! You will need to watch the Leathery Paper one first, as we use that paper to make the flowers. 

Recycled Paper Flowers You Tube Video here

If you love it... and you want to try making some flowers I made a few packages of the findings I used and put them in my Etsy shop. Sometimes it's easier to just get a few things to try something out before you go too crazy. 

Well, that's it for today friends. As usual I hope you have a blessed day and do something arty today! 

Big hugs from me!

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