Sunday, April 10, 2016

Getting back to it!

Hello my arty friends!

It's been quite awhile since I've written on my blog, a lot has happened to me since that last post... I lost my mom last year and am still not over it, will I ever really? 
We were VERY close and I miss her dearly. She lived in a little house on my property and we saw each other every day. I have so many years to be thankful for though, she lived to 98 years old and for that I am blessed. 

So I wanted to tell you that I belong and co-Administrate a few wonderful Facebook groups, one is called A Life of Art and Self Expression, this group belongs to Gina B Ahrens. The second group is Artsy Endeavours and Cindy Sines Utter owns that one. There are 4 Admins, myself, Gina, Cindy and Michelle Mitchell that take care of the groups. It is great fun! 
Well, Gina is the reason I'm writing today... she recently asked me to be one of her Design Team Members. She is a fabulous artist and has her own Rubber Stamp line... She asked for all my online contacts and I realized I had forgotten all about this blog I started, one thing led to another and here I am!

Also, before my mom passed I started a You tube channel, yes, My Arts and Parts, and well, have not been doing many videos since then but that is one of the things I hope to change. I LOVE to share and I have so many ideas!!

I started my own Facebook page too, called, My Arts and Parts. If you decide to join that you can sell your artwork and your art supplies that you no longer use or bought too much of.... 

You can actually find me in lots of places online now and I will be sure to post all the links real soon. Right now I'm getting ready to go see my beautiful sister who lives in warm and sunny Florida! When I get back next week I will post again and plan out how I will use this blog. I certainly hope to share with you what my future plans are... as I said in the beginning, I have a lot going on!

So my arty friends, much love to you, 
Please consider subscribing and have a blessed day!!


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