Sunday, February 23, 2014

Shelf is Finished……"How To" Included at bottom of Post

Hope you like it….. Before and After

How To Make Your Own Shelf to house your "Art" paints

To Make Shelf:  We used Pine boards (I should say Brian used) 

Cut as many boards as you want your shelf to be high (We cut 12) 

34.5 inches wide (or desired width) 

1.75 inches deep

2 - 56 inch pieces for the sides

Mark off your row spaces on the 56 inch board. Mine are spaced mostly 5" apart. (so I have a full 5 inches for my paint containers) And the top 4 rows are spaced 3 inches apart.

Glue and Nail (we used Gorilla Glue and 2 inch finish nails)

Paint, Stain or leave unfinished as desired!

Hang with 4 L brackets, one in each corner.

Now for the REAL FUN, the Background: 

(and yes, I know you won't see most of it after the paint is on the shelf, but what a treat when you pull some paint off and see the fun images behind, doesn't take much to make me happy! LOL) 

Sketch out the inside shape of your shelf so you know where to place your book pages. (or use old newsprint, sewing patterns, scrapbook paper…)

I did not have wallpaper paste and chose to use Starch Glue.

Recipe for Potato Starch Glue: (I would think you could use cornstarch instead)

I made way too much and wound up using only about a cup of paste so I'll give you the recipe for that. Double it if you want to be certain to have enough.

1.25 cup water
1/8 cup of potato starch, make sure it's starch and not flour

Let's get started!

1. Rip out pages from an old book, I used a Hymnal. 

2. Using an old brush, brush glue on one page. In the interest of saving time, I glued the whole page then ripped it as desired. (I wore rubber gloves too)

3. Place on wall and I used the separator from an old binder (they used to be hard plastic) to rub over the paper to get out the air bubbles and excess paste. Keep a damp sponge handy to wipe off the extra paste and keep the paper clean on top.

4. Keep applying paper until the whole surface is covered. Let dry.

5. Paint, Stencil, Draw, Markers. I pretended I was doing an art journal page as that is my current fun thing to do! (I used the inexpensive acrylic paint)



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