Sunday, February 23, 2014

Journaling About My Art Journal, and Wall Art

How is everyone?! 

I think I'm coming down with a cold…. BUT, the good news is, we had spring like weather yesterday and it was awesome!

So, I'm writing, in part, to talk about my Art Journaling. I've been having so much fun with it, lots of doodling. But the other day I began to think about how I want to express myself, I mean my own style. I started to think I didn't have one, my own style I mean. I was just having one of those days, blah. 
This is absurd, we ALL have our own style…. whether we are courageous enough to share, show it off, let others see it, is another thing. Embrace it I say!! 

So, I'm still in the throws of learning how to use my supplies and to do that I watch a lot of You Tube videos. I have my favorite channels and I also enjoy watching Ustream…. Lots of sharing people out there, a great community of artists that are not afraid to show you what they do and how they do it. I owe them a BIG thank you! 

Learning is FUN!

Then I sat down and did a journal page, not thinking about what I was doing and before I knew it, I was on the page and looked a bit sad. Which made me then think of my friend Wendy that was killed on black friday this past year. (2013) Oh, you want to see it?

I call it, "Sista from Another Mista"

She used to say that we were Sistas and made that expression up one day.

So that's me on the left (Do I look like I have my own style? LOL) I really do look like that….. and Wendy on the right. Talk about your own style, this woman was ONE OF A KIND! She always wore bright red lipstick, she was beautiful, inside and out.
I had a good cry when I was done. I sure do miss her…

Ok, so I'm getting sidetracked as usual. I wanted to tell you about my "Wall Art". I decided I needed a shelf in my art room to house my paint. I saw a wonderful shelf on a new blog site that I recently started to follow… Tracy Weinzapfel's Studio ~ Check her out! Awesome artist, very inspiring!

Loved it so much I asked the Hub to make me something like it. 

I like everything OUT and available for the eyes…. (I've also been working on the area where I sit to do my work, trying to surround myself with my supplies, Don't you find it annoying when you have to trot around the room a million times to get your stuff?!) 

So I asked the carpenter in my life, my hub, if he could whip one up and before I knew it, he did. AWESOME job Brian! 

So because it doesn't have a back on it I decided it needed something and one thing led to another and I started gluing hymnals pages (from an old beat up hymn book) to the wall. Then the stamps came out, then acrylic paint…. I had so MUCH FUN! Now I want to run around and paint all the walls! 

I must digress and tell you a story… when I was a little girl I got ahold of my moms lipsticks and crawled behind the sofa and drew pictures on the wall. It was MONTHS til she found it, when she moved the furniture one day…. The wall art reminded me of that day so long ago.

So here's the first part of it: The Background

I'll show you the rest after he hangs the shelf. 

I'm noticing I say So, ALOT… wonder what that's all about. Well, until I figure that out….

Have a Blessed Day!


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