Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Keep Doing What You're Doing and Keep Getting What You're Getting

Or, a New Year, a New You?

So who am I and why should/would you read my blog? I won't go into the long details here of who I am, you can read my "About Me" on the right side of this note to see that stuff. But why on earth would you want to read my blog? 

I don't know, you may not, but I have a need to do this. So read it, don't read it, I've had a LONG year and I'm trying to recuperate from it and pouring out my soul to someone might help. I'm told that blogging is like journaling and I love to journal. (remind me later to have one of my kids promise to burn that book when I die) 

AND I plan on sharing some artsy stuff with you too and that might be fun. I also used to own a Bead shop, (for 12 years) which I did not share in my "About Me" and I LOVED meeting new people and sharing all my ideas and I LOVED seeing all the creative things that people made. It was Serious Fun. Bad health forced me to retire from that before my time. But we won't talk about that now…. 

Ok, so another part of my New Year thing is I wanted to get more organized. So I got this Daily Calendar thing and I have to be honest, I LOVE it! I not only write down appointments, I also write what I actually did that day because most of the time it's not what I wanted to do and I really have a need to see that I'm doing something productive each day. So here it is. 

It's in a spiral notebook format as you can see and the first page has "important dates to remember". Well, I've had so many grand babies in the past year, I thought I better write all that down or I'll never keep it straight…. The next section has three columns:
Do ~ Call ~ Buy

Did I mention I love it?

So I'm so totally not "doing what I was doing, so I won't keep getting what I was getting". Right?

I've already seen a Huge improvement in my life. I'm getting stuff done! I opened an Etsy shop and will be selling my artsy stuff and the items that I have left over from my bead shop days. (One can only use so many beads, tools etc themselves!) and I have yarns and books and and and… 

I also joined Flickr and started posting some of my work from years gone by as well as my new things. Maybe this is the spot to put a link so you can see? Hey, sidebar here… I've never blogged before so have patience with me.


Flickr myartsandparts

I also joined Ravelry, you guessed it, under myartsandparts. 

Let's change the subject. Let's talk about what I did today. (actually started this last night)

So today was a snow day here in PA, as a matter of fact, it's still snowing now…. it's so pretty. So hub is out (he does snow removal) and I'm home alone. I haven't told you yet that I'm kinda impulsive. When I get an idea to do something, I can hardly contain myself. 

So recently I have been thinking about making paper. I make these paper flowers, so far I have used recycled papers and fabrics to make the flowers but I was thinking (my hub shakes when I say "I was thinking") that I might like to actually make the paper…. so I've been asking hub to make me the set up. He's a carpenter and has wood and nails so who better, right? Nope. He's been busy with all this snow we've been having and so I got impatient last night, and I can never follow directions either… so I get out an aluminum roasting pan, a piece of old door screen (fiberglass) and a blender that one of my kids donated to the cause. I run around grabbing for some old junk paper that would have gotten tossed and start ripping. (Be sure to soak it in some hot water for a few minutes first) 

I throw it in the blender along with plenty of water and bllllleeennnddd on high speed. (I think I may You tube this, that's another whole story) 

Guess what? It was serious FUN! And isn't this pretty?! This particular batch has some yellow construction paper in it. C'mon…. seriously, I know you wanna try this!

Of course Hub is there trying to direct, but I'm like this whirling dervish when I'm creating, so outta my way bud! LOL

So I made some paper last night, just some flat stuff though (isn't paper supposed to be flat Jer?) This morning…. I wake up with a MILLION ideas and I am going to share with you what I wound up doing.

If you want to see more, go to my Flickr site. 

I think I've rambled on long enough. Please consider following me. I think I put a link on the side…. remember I'm new at this. And please leave comments too, I think I set that up as well.


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  1. You are so creative! Love the blog!


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