Friday, January 24, 2014

Disappointment Doesn't have to Turn into Discouragement

Good morning! 

So of course, in my attempt to get organized, I'm trying to be more careful with my time. But let's take it to another level.

Well, this morning I was reading…. I get this little monthly booklet from Dr Charles Stanley. He was talking about planning things out, and one thought led to another and I wrote this note to friend that I thought might need a little encouraging. She's been trying to get her craft room cleaned up and not having much luck.

I thought it could also be applied to relationships that aren't working for one reason or another. So here you have it….

We can all think of something (or someone) that has disappointed us.... 

"Disappointment" is our emotional response to a failed expectation.

The negative reaction that comes from not being able to deal with disappointment is:


We experience disappointment when we can't finish (or start) cleaning our messy rooms or when someone we love does something we can't understand and we allow it to fester in us and then we become Discouraged.

Do not give in to the feelings of discouragement. It's a feeling that we do not have to accept. Instead we need to ask the Lord for His encouragement and continue to plug along.

What we need to do is plan. Planning is a very important part of life. (see, this is where my organization theme comes in!)
David and Goliath for example. David planned his attack on Goliath and the outcome was good.

So, make a plan of attack for your disappointment (decide you are not going to let another persons bad decisions get YOU down, or plan out (in small increments if need be) how you will do a project that has been driving you mad). Then proceed. Don't allow yourself to become discouraged, fight back!

There you have it, lesson for the day! LOL

After I thought about all this for awhile, I put the timer on in my kitchen and went straight to my "stock" room where I keep all my "For Sale" items. It's a MESS. So I'm working for one hour… I already feel great and have accomplished a lot.

I hope something I've said here helps you rethink how you are doing things too. 

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